Relative Work is the skydiving movie that I’ve wanted to see since I began jumping. It attempts to portrays my largest fascination with our sport – that we are moving across the skies only using our bodies.

There’s a pretty long story behind the movie. It will be told in #4 of The Skydiving Newsletter. You can subscribe to it and read previous letters here:

This movie would not be seen if it wasn’t for Airspace Indoor Skydiving. They trained me to became a tunnel instructor before their opening in 2014 and I spent 2,5 years working there. This year, 2019, they gave me creative freedom to film their event “Airspace Outbreak” at Skydive Spain and that’s how I produced “Relative Work”. Airspace have always been a strong supporter of competition tunnel flying and recreational skydiving and they deserve some credit for this. Thank you Airspace!

I chose and fused together the soundtrack, which is a medley combining Max Richters recomposition of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and Nömak’s song “Lullaby”.

//Johannes Bergfors

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