During a stellar week in early February, Jöttnar Pro Team members Tim Howell and Mike Pescod roped up together. Together they cut a swathe through the Scottish Highlands, climbing and jumping, each taking the other out of their comfort zone.

Mike is an IFMGA mountain guide and accomplished winter climber. Staying attached to the mountain underpins every decision he makes. Tim on the other hand, as a BASE jumper, sees things differently. But the skill-sharing between both opened up a new world of possibilities as they moved out of their respective comfort zones. By the end of the week, the pair had climbed some choice winter lines with Tim opening up a series of never-before-jumped exits on The Cobbler, Ben Nevis, Glen Nevis and the Isle of Skye.

When the BBC broke news of the jumps last month, it was then picked up and carried around the world.

Shot and produced by Brodie Hood.

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