Down for 50
Joel Strickland

Across the Summer of 2018, two freelance air sports athletes set out to be the first people to skydive in all fifty of the United States as part of a single unbroken trip.

Why did they do this, how did they do it and (most importantly) what did they learn?

Down For 50 is an adventure of epic scale – involving spectacular highs, life-threatening lows and many things in between. Built from equal measures ambition, experience, determination and foolishness. From the desert to the mountains and back again, from sea to shining sea.

About the speaker Joel began skydiving in 2006 in Australia. After a few years living in New Zealand and with a couple of hundred skydives, he came back to the UK where I worked as a tunnel instructor for five years.

Along the way, he competed both indoors and outdoors – winning several gold medals and representing Great Britain at international level.

More recently he’s been living location independent – working as a professional skydiver and freelance journalist around the world.

Currently, he’s living in Berlin – working for the Hurricane Factory as their sport manager, instructor trainer and ‘skydiving ambassador’.

Credit to: BPA Skydive the Mag

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